Welcome to Anzer Consultancy

 Anzer Consultancy are a specialist Consultancy for the processed food industry, providing advice and guidance on all aspects - from Legislation to Health & Safety.

 Our Consultancy has expertise in the following :-
  • To advise on Food legislation;
  • To advise on Customs issues;
  • To advise on Health & Safety issues;
  • To advise and act upon all issues adversely affecting a corporate client or the processed food industry as a whole.
  • To lobby against proposed or enacted legislation preventing the free flow of trade (anti-dumping, non tariff barriers to trade, etc.)
  • To advise and act upon issues concerned with food related environmental issues;
  • To undertake food related projects on behalf of corporate or industry bodies;
  • To undertake crisis and media management.


UK Trade Bodies presently served by the consultancy are: